Whispering’s screams unleash the stress,
an air awash with love’s tenders missed;
reach tried, through arm’s awry amiss,
in touched return of thought’s resists’;
thorough conscience, time is stressed,
against life’s grains, our will’s trial insists;
thought’s humbling, bleeds the soul’s worn tears,
drowned cheeks surreal, wile, small talks remiss.
Eye’s fear the glance, of love’s requite,
yet, peer intense, to find comfort’s rest;
mull this, life’s past freed of heart’s fears,
sought peace returns, to face worry’s tests;
love’s smite, so passé, two hearts rend,
what piece is claimed, through hers, or his bests;
smiles strained, in talking’s strings suppressed,
sweetened kiss, conceals one’s pride’s duress.
Breath’s hollow, dries tear’s loneliness,
moan’s works reminds, that time is truth’s staid;
deep, within these heart’s discontents,
reside these hot flames, which love once made;
health’s storms, now body’s weariness,
upon it turns, what mind’s bond forbade;
life missed, this call to cure now dropped,
groan’s pout pawned, soul’s turned life’s twisted blade.
Words wait for lips that moisten minds,
round tongue’s twist, two soul’s thoughts’ hope to find;
meaning’s mince, heart’s feasts that once thrived,
two swords fore loved, each one’s flesh divined;
bonding bloods, pours time’s passion’s pines,
between these ends’, two lives primed sublime;
trust’s brake, life’s stones apart so laid,
separations’ spend, love’s deaths sans minds.
Patent twins, blend both loves and hates,
one’s life, without these trends, fete time’s wastes;
pride’s link to humankind or beasts,
preyed here in hearts, with familiar’s tastes;
flesh, this touch far beyond life’s end,
through hunger’s lusts, living’s fill, fate’s spice;
decay’s release, then belies youth,
as love’s last stage, proved one life’s reproach.
Returned through yearns, spine’s heat, heart’s juice,
pair’s thirsts, denied love’s quenching embrace;
signs, ‘thousand sighs’ abound between,
smile and hiss astride, as loves replaced;
kneel then now, and bend, oh so low,
forehead to chin, your life’s lust’s advise;
before time’s part and love’s demise,
be wise, misspeak sustains trusts’ trysts.
Relationships, dues part transcends,
life’s times, and memory’s loss, suspends;
thought’s run, apart yet joined within,
faced pair to face, cooed one’s shy commend;
which rue, souls’ sculptured consciousness,
mulled metes define, what love’s truth intends;
prove schemes, that bleed, through time’s sole realm,
lone witness, aye, greet life’s grief’s revenge.
Wandering’s mind, reviews time’s thoughts,
alone one stands, astride life’s square’s walled;
love’s past, misgive it’s conscious stretched,
of mien remand, jalouse stripe so-called;
forgive, between two sold, worn hearts,
life’s clock tuned slow, this pair’s time appalled;
nothings once gained, sustain loves’ strengths,
heart’s part, soul’s truths, ought’s fault; life bawls.
Michael Darrell Walker


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Robert L. Martin
almost 6 years

Thank you Michael. Your poetry deserves much merit. I love the words. They are very intelligent. I hope you keep writing more. I enjoyed very much reading "Living's Plone."

almost 6 years

Aloha Robert...
Thank you, my friend and fellow wordsmythe... IAM indeed honored to be included in you selection of favorite reads here at Poeticous... I looked in on your bio and find that the yellow legal pad and pen appear to be just two of the articles of worth that we both deem as a valuable tool... In this endless search for the perfect mix of words that work well together, I do feel a fellowship, one perhaps that will benefit the all of US,,, as is the norm... for most individuals... being capable of expressing one's worth to a larger and more well-read audience... well, so much gets lost in one's constant minutia, in the trivial, in the inconsistent, in the mundane... and in this age of sound bites... all reality is lost, as to content, context, and comprehension of what is really being offered... The expressions which you have listed are too honorable for this older working stiff... I merely dabble at my compositions and this particular post is by far one of my more "educated guesses', in the theme of a lifetime's commiserations... I humbly appreciate the attentions and the accolades you have given this post... all of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two

Robert L. Martin
almost 6 years

Beautiful and moving. Intelligent and strong

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Robert L. Martin

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