Needle All

Chivvying panderers,
advocates of an American fourth Reich;
haranguing political minority,
this Klan, keeps full its only Quaich;
molesting Earth’s citizens worldwide,
by rubric smoterlich;
rodomontadist extraordinaire,
as leaders of men, unfestlich!
Inarticulate calumny,
votary, towards vicious mind’s malignity;
polysemous patriotical caitiff,
smacking lip, drips acerbity;
ambiguous two-headed monstrosity,
ubiety, forlorn algidity;
scurrility uttered sacre’bleu,
offended whom, divine aseity!
Parsimoniousness, this groups ideology,
profit first, a core motto;
usuriousness, their life’s necessity,
they, fear one born mulatto;
turningness a secret force,
blind guidance, from league sestetto;
defenestration of this Union’s creed,
goal of mindset, In Petto!
Metempsychosis masses prayer,
hope, redefined soul’s ecstasy;
undeniable changes, make mind run,
from death, in truth’s eustasy;
coexecutor Liberty, dressed for war,
her hand, strong in documasy;
Carpocrates wakes the dead,
life’s lost, to heaven’s euthanasy!
Catamenia, loimic curse of male,
blood tides appear Kafkaesque;
plagueful specters, hound all souls,
as bodies pile, upon catafalque;
unforesightful political travesty,
droll trolls, bed profits odalisque;
hideousness ploy of minimalist,
tact left, needle all by equivoque!
Michael Darrell Walker


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