You and I are as One

Sexual devotion
in a surreal slower motion
dangerous, convincing, love mixing
healing, the bitter self-killer…
swallowing, finishing, quickening
sliding so much the slicker
down our bodies
feelings shiver
proving that
thought ever so fine
is blinding, and hard to find
becoming realigned and reassigned
defined, designed, combined, intertwined
confining power, will, body, thoughts
too fatal; damaging the previous mind
kissing so low the hallowed key; look
nothing of life is ever hopeless
within all human emotions
my love potions move
so I get up and drown
myself with this dizzy, deadly
smooth trigger, IAM a slow sipper
this one mind inclined to a kind
of action all redefining; currency
and not, this night’s priorities in my
sexually honed seduction’s notions…
I know you, as myself, hungering for
the pure prescription for conviction
that painkiller of the negative mind
intelligent, authentic, the only trick
humankind cannot convincingly reject
and through this long and loving night
You and I are as one…

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