Caricamento in corso...


Time’s mysteries await
no one’s expectations,
and or life;
Moments left...
in what once was paradise
erased from closeted memories,
and living’s strife;
Exist does...
that secret cherished space,
where all one’s thoughts
are so inclined;
Solely paused...
an existing horrid dream
seems the universe expects,
that threat divine;
To cease hope’s bright
to cleave the flesh benign,
entertain this
as mind’s morbid churning fright;
Exhaust as gas...
or merely death’s putrid flesh,
an end as this
will leave the strongest petrified;
Potential thrives...
yet surely so, withers quickly as time flies,
and life does too
helped along by greed, murder, and lies;
Enlightenment comes too late
as society’s guilt dictates,
that each join in sin and shame,
and play to the crowd’s proclaim;
Throughout this earth...
it’s that profit’s beast,
which solely gives to each
their smiles and worldly goods;
Humanity therefore postulates...
that worth is based upon capital gain
neglecting entirely that Mother’s earth,
is the key to our survival’s chance;
Heretofore lays this lifetime’s gist...
“all that is said and done,
was said and done before”,
Change in one’s mindset...
brings US round to par
and begins an accord in each,
returning reverence to mind
and clean thoughts out to the stars;
Demands this does of US...
lead on or forever be condemned,
to turn or suffer this untimely end,
the universe, from our bones
the flesh will rend;
Sacrifice all wants...
seek more humane needs,
as your ends are near,
and those that do not heed these words,
will be turned to stone!


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