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Love Always Believes

Inspired by Janea (lovey.87)

life changes,
love in stages;
lusts one had,
love just a fad;
want love that stays,
a love that pays;
that helps,
one that’s not for play;
loves found ayes,
loves surprise;
compassion’s sages,
love you crazy;
which is real…
love is the wanting,
love is filled with nothing;
love the person,
you do not seek;
when you can offer,
defeat hurt and sorrow;
when you awake tomorrow,
loves stage will mellow;
reckoning’s constant wallow,
a way to show this love;
your hands, to your heart,
fit as gilded gloves;
which is real…
utterly weightless,
knowing strife is pointless;
when this is gone, all you see,
is beyond, togetherness;
know now, there is no turning back,
dream through your nights for this;
you alone lapse, into loves depths;
your heart doesn’t beat,
there is no options for defeat;
which is real…
no selection of mind strays,
your love has found me;
believe in love and so choose,
will to sing and fly loose;
once love looks your way,
blissed amusement can play;
love wants me for who I am,
I will to find it, I can;
love is here for me, because of me,
love is set free;
no matter how I am used,
taken lovingly and subdued;
which is real…
love is not hard to conceive,
my will, love always believes.
Michael Darrell Walker


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