Pia Pium Sermo

Subtlety’s speaking, cradles intent mind;
claver’s murmurings, missives’ defines;
honesty addled, stillness rejects
sensitive Confiteor so kind;
brutally, irksome squabbling practiced;
frivolous flocking, and myth combine;
questioned poise; remittal’s source, whose wisdoms;
urbane Ijma’, please follow its signs.
Maturity’s dread, life’s dubiety;
service given, yields one’s passing worth;
dignity crowed; head’s crown, thought’s solemn;
beyond mind’s nose, self-trust’s emforth;
reality’s grime, soils soul’s gremial;
once spoilt upon, this friends scotch, heart’s derth;
bastion veiled; nous, and painted face abjured;
time’s truths revealed, its past, inearth.
Social lucubration; Urth’s most sought drafts;
outlined within, one’s lone path through strife;
exuberance swells; of such gift’s design;
those lipped, warmed, sylphs; thought’s sweet balm alife;
idealization’s aim, mind’s hand towards Braille;
eyes dark you’ll sense, each urge for heart’s loffe;
substance, frays the pith of all life defined;
oft, our werdes become love’s slender neife.
Societal latahs, impart rebirths;
wonderments cajole, in soul contemn;
chaos thoughted, lets loose life’s malcontents;
these prim coquettes, mind gladly dislimns;
divides seed one’s qualms, these sprouts heed Id’s sturm;
thought’s angered whines, entomb yearn’s scant somn;
development of soul, through lifetime’s scends;
forms, each sprawling pawn that deem bedamns.
Astuteness, gains one’s furthest portals views;
inward thoughts, tune toward this life’s reward;
established verse, truth’s mind and heart reveal;
joy’s stone, disrobes zest’s buoyant accords;
meaningful trusts, embrace conjunct aurae;
self’s consult, anoint what fate affords;
sensitivity, of mind’s tinge thus leans;
against these times, each morale unkard.
Commitment’s clause, combines both old and new;
sweets from youth, and tangs of evening’s dew;
providence’s pulse, supports life’s paired love;
through words and thoughts, and by action’s ooh;
longevity’s torch, enflames each soul’s songs;
one’s tune strummed, a thrall’s discharged imbue;
divinity; truth’s life within soul’s rock;
once struck, they sound in ardor’s pursue.
Mentorship’s charms, enhance this moment’s blush;
emotions, soothe one’s excited chic;
quality in time, assures thought’s flamed cool;
Id’s mull; which prehend pries passion’s sleek;
receptivity’s clasp, mind’s passions keep;
holds firm, first gigues stimulating cheeks;
stanchels, hold true sways the soul extrudes;
through life’s swirling storms, or calms mystique.
Healings salves, survival’s bemused best friends;
lathered shines, reflect this unction’s gift;
chemistry; wondrously components mix;
from greetings gush, to thought’s flushed uplifts;
love’s passions poured, bonds two lost souls to health;
this act secured, through amore’s foregifts;
potion, pure sweet ambrosia’s nectar fills;
love’s goals entwined; towards new life, hearts drift.
Michael Darrell Walker


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