Fear’s Embrace

Inspired by the word-works of Mamata Sampath

with that it comes,
what lies beneath it;
beauty or horror,
it captivates me;
crawls and creeps through me,
to it, I succumb, while being;
agast of it, I fear it reaching me,
little, do I believe or know fear;
sly manipulator, your rationale in a whisper,
self-doubt makes you as the weak;
and begging for mercy, you let go,
one, surrendering to oblivion;
for what, or why, I do now know,
fear, you do acknowledge your hold;
you make me helpless and tossed,
let me want to live, and love the wrest;
to be haplessly torn, by life and love,
like a walk, in moonlight, my essence glowing;
beyond the dark and the unforeseen,
be mighty fear, but be the unmerciful servant;
I seek your help to free myself, from me,
I do need you, I am ready to build your altar;
with my love, passion, pain and rejection,
I embrace it all, life, beauty, love, and death;
I accept it, it is you fear, and I need you,
your dwelling place, is my sanctuary;
I am now fed and freed by you,
and, I live completely for your embrace.
Michael Darrell Walker


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