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Something Sweeter Than Chocolate

What is sweeter than chocolate,
and hungers as much for your touch,
as you hunger for its taste;
what has such sweetness,
that it makes all of you glow;
and where is such a delightful treat
ever to be found?
Is this elusive morsel
so sacred, so bound, so hidden,
that even a subtle hint
of flavor found there is taboo?
It must be surreal,
it must be mystical;
such a flower with such a power;
but nowhere is it found...
Why is it hidden,
why is it so shy and demure,
why... does it not speak,
about that desire within it’s soul;
to feed to me
it’s sweet blossom’s dew,
all just for me
and send a flood
of it’s precious flavor,
over my tongue!
I truly wonder,
that if the creator gave her this gift,
would it not be shared,
with the one who saw in her eyes...
that hint of excitement,
of adventure, of completion...
for her to give it,
at this moment,
to me; to be eaten.
Michael Darrell Walker


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