Year of the Blood Black Skies

inspired by Anne Michelle Watkins

Within the deep and dark of each,
the screams of souls is heard;
and crying out, in pain of searing flesh,
are human beings cast into the void;
created by an inhuman kind,
which rules over all, upon this earth;
sowing fear, and death, and hatred
throughout, in each and every being;
alive and in consciousness of thoughts,
aware, just enough to hear.
Seeking each within the mind,
of a life thirsting hunger;
is the shadow, absolute and darkening,
enveloping this and every land on earth;
bringing into all a clamor,
for the salvation;
of the light within eternity’s slumber.
Above, in the skies which reflect,
all beings pain of will;
is painted the signs of loss,
and through each moment left for humankind;
a thousand souls are burned and lost.
In the end there comes this time,
where all men meet and linger;
in separate sight and in unforgiving hate filled themes,
of evil conquering thrusts reaching out over all.
This time is here, this is that time,
no more will prayer suffice;
look out, witness the year of blood black skies,
and weep for all the screaming souls;
who will not last this night.
Michael Darrell Walker


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