‘Rampant Endemic Hypocrisy’

Truths of reason, truths of fact; Say What!
eternal mindfulness lacks self’s insists;
resound thunders, an inner chime what’s next,
life recoils rounds chambered, logic consists;
conviction’s horror, inner thoughts expect,
awaits does time’s mourning, soul’s ire twists;
honour challenged, humankinds beret,
death faces vanquished lives, compassion lists.
Lies, repute an individual’s quest,
mirror’s depth stares, each heart’s direct;
reflect back towards whom, preconception’s guess,
imaged scene, an ideal’s goals reject;
individual trend, humanity stressed,
projectiles myth, whose thoughts one respects;
cowards, or honourable men, what’s best,
targeting those least, what would you expect?
Michael Darrell Walker


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