The Occident’s Secession

inspired by the works of our FuchsiaFestival
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Explosive this separation,
life’s bloods from life’s souls;
one’s minds sneering thoughts,
offering beating hearts death’s shudders;
gnashing grinds implying signs,
beginning initiate’s seductions;
connection’s twists insufferable jests,
one’s feelings psychedelic sensations.
Spirit’s flesh aloft on flight,
dips low towards crisis building;
basking skein upon time’s dress,
it’s lift expose reality’s chilling;
proponent’s pine inveigles some,
rectification’s posit thrilling;
tension soothes fear’s flaccid tears,
truth’s torch illuminates influenced killings.
Humankind’s aura hurls below,
dividing exponentially to not or have;
symbolic mare of midnight’s lume,
dons hide of infamy and howl of yore;
darkness’ gleaned of imagination’s rile,
in mind’s eye it’s wickedness does share;
ecstasy’s ply each mongrel’s growl,
heart’s grail, the ends of darkness sheared.
Loneliness in mindset’s trends,
each soul affright and filled of woes;
mourns mumblings maul day’s rise,
evil’s scowl omits life’s livid breath;
hideous livings natures stride,
standing tall from hatefulness’ supports;
causes splayed over panoramic views,
suppressions relief, profoundly resumed humanistic hopes.
Praise filled tune splits hate’s dirge,
an answer heard cross twilight veiled;
awakens does the lowest hurt,
feelings burst against this pressures thrusts;
truth’s quests behest the thirst,
livings whispered winds seek sup of favour;
Prince of Darkness’ wright alights,
pain forgoes the thought of midnight’s savor.
Surviving light swoons to earth,
dividing visions eerie spending;
present’s tone revives its din,
in lean towards life’s tepid spills;
guilty eyes suppress the sheathes,
ones snipped oft livings demise;
asphyxiation of heart’s lusting yearn,
the sweetest voice so thoroughly kills.
Questions purpose one’s loneliness,
beyond the ethers strident paths;
perchance this hand so clings to shames,
one’s glare in answered gruff withdrawn;
anguished urge often thoughts are purged,
deepest hurt hurls straight and true;
humankind seeks out the portals stair,
infinity’s flare ignites lust’s legions known.
Enlightenment embraced love’s fetal curl,
upon the revolutions of earth’s form;
survives on does this reckoning’s troupes,
in pain and suffering life begins and ends;
destructions dance around death’s trance,
a pause refreshed on reasoned randoms senseless;
constructs glare and gleam emit,
from polished facets turn and topsy turveys throw-a-ways.
Quickening state expressing slates,
this light wanes into the dark’s embrace;
those few who choose relations dues,
at calm and rest their minds rue thinking’s fate;
responsible ones craved life’s resplendent pace,
what’s lost is theirs and the naked truth;
exposed in flesh, bones, and bloodied waste,
societal disparity warrants suffering’s justice.
Michael Darrell Walker


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