The One True Gardener

Have we all truly imagined
a picture of creation
one in which the omnipotent being,
our creator
established this garden
and sowed upon it his seed
let your first mind take you
to that time long ago
now imagine yourself
walking behind his steps
as your true being
absorbs and reflects his true light.
Through your eyes, would be seen nothing
but pure energy
as his thoughts would course completely
through the sum
of your essence cascading in and over
all of your life
and what of his thoughts about his walk
in his garden
would they be as angry as you seem
as you see your life?
Imagine just then
how powerful his omnipotence truly is
then as your bowels so clearly empty
that your brain
is pulled down into that pile
of your own feces
think this, if I beg him
that I’m only a weak human being
maybe then he will see me as that
and forgive me
don’t even go there,
remember where your brains are!
Michael Darrell Walker

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