Atmospheres and Fried Rice

The movement, of all that there is there in
the Earth’s atmosphere is nearly there where
nearly all there is; almost everywhere that is up…
What is up, with it? This, in the places where it is not?
This movement bourne, of design and mind not of anythings
human doing or animals moving around in circles in the barnyard
Retards; dunce stools below dunce hats that are conical and pointy…
funny little minded monkeys messing around with particles and E=MC Hammered!
Dumb Asp’ with monkey’ mess and eating banana’ at grand awl seizures
pleasuring little banana’ while fondling grandma’ bloomers
those flowers out behind the wood shed in the shadows
nasty little beasts! Sticky fingers linger somewhat
groping nubile tenders and not those from
today’s McDonald’ line of Monsantoed
nosh and shite and genetically mod
genetically fie, foe, fumed foods
fu-fu cocktails and a H2O back
and no smoking please as
it caused some disease
in a few humans
being stupid
for even
wheezing and weeping and blowing up the moon’ back side
for what ever reason; waking up one big bad boy, that HELL BREATHING DRAGON!
conscientiousness is bourne of lack of conscience and morals
for in the quest for greater power, the rush, was too mushed and
guess what occurred? Another great big bunch of birds took flight!
What is right and is left and is centered on the good ‘ole’ US of A!
yea, you guessed it; ARMAGEDDEON!!!
Biblical indeed and profundity in depths you can not imagine! Tragic indeed
What is that noise… that cornbread coloured sound, formerly wondering white’
wondering where that sound is coming from and what it really is; is sound a
duality, is it mildly smashing or will it be a wild and crashing “sharknado”?
riveting shut your drawers flaps boys?
The rush is all to this only child’ father; rush of those wings beating
rush of the voids breathing, the stars heaving, this third rock targeting
itself? Rather than take the hit that is a-coming rather quickly?
this is why those ists, are so eager to leave the ground below?
and get the phuck to Mars?
Ah Shucks boys… why spoil the party that is going to surely
make spaced dust of all of US and every other nation too?
Should you call Mighty Mouse or Mickey Mouse or
that little rat bastard big brother of mine?
Oh, yea, you soda crackers of the M.I.C.
already made that call and paid for
the toll with the bloods of all of your victims…
on a worldwide basis for generations for
decades and decades and decades
and now you are holding him
hiding him from me, his
little biggest sward
swinging brother
hey, just
will be
so very good
to you should you
comply and do so in that
hurry like in a NYC minute speed
Of else that Maker’ Mark thingy will be
inflicted upon all of you and all of your relations
all of the way back to the beginnings of your itty bitty DNA’!!!
And then we will make Queef smoke of the Earth


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