Theoretically Squeaking

Casual is the wordy theory
a query into theory really?
Casual Paradox; or is this Casual in theory?
Do most physicists practice on this
paradox; or is this practice really?
Unacceptable is this theory, or that theory
or any theory; once practiced upon
Most theory’ prove unacceptable to most
physicists and therefore are; within
the committees of physicists’ ruled as
such and heretofore are eliminated…
No, not taken out and shot! Not 86’d, not
tossed in the circular file; just simply
put to the committee of physicists
bodies majority as moot… Whatever!
As an example: An interpretation of an
over awed unknown…
Check that terminology’ definition’ and really
get confused!
So, this theory is an interpretation of another theory
That theory being Quantum…
As I read this, or better yet allow me to re-write
this; and I quote…
“In addition to a wave function on the space
of all possible configurations, it also
postulates an actual configuration that exists
even when unobserved…”
Kinda sorta like “Majik”!!!
or, “ I think, therefore IAM”, or
“To be or not to be; that is the question…”
And all of the minutia that comes with
such higher human thoughts…
And IAM just half way through the first paragraph
on the initial phase of my personal research!
Just for a few pages of prose!!!
Utter fraking madness! This is fracking insane!
No, these minds? Get paid some big bucks
so they can pay off their student loans!
Let US continue… “The evolution over time of the
configuration (that is, of the positions of all Particles
or the configuration of all fields) is defined
by the wave function via a guiding equation…”
My question’, first; What of the monkey men who
decide on “that” or “another” “guiding equation”
that is in all certainty “that” “guiding equation”?
We must remember just one sentence before
to understand, maybe, the understanding of
something in its exist, that exist although it
cannot be observed!!!
Yet another WTF moment!
Yes, what the frak is this circle jerk being
paid for by the tax payer?
Or, by any payer of goods and services
in any nation of the Earth?
What the frak!!!
People, people, “sheeple”; wake the frak up!
Oh, and guess what; a third variable plays
twiddle winks in this too…
“The evolution of the wave function over time
is given by Shro’’dinger’s Equation…!!!
Talk about, “The Cat in a Hat”; Shro’’dinger’s
In the anal of the “shock and awe” of these profound
profundities persist’ probabilities pause perhaps
poised purposefully purporting possibilities, pouring
particles particularity pondered perturbing punition
punching pretty pride packed “monkey brained” humans
pooping piles proudly prompting profanity’ purge!
“Suffering Succotash”; I think I just opened
a universal sized can of worm wholes!
Just suppose, supposition as assumption, as opinion
as asp whole’; every human has one…
the expensed to the tax payers play of
mathematical passion pokes the eye’ of God…
“Who ya gonna Call; Ghost Busters”?


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