Human Development Indicators

Let US simplify, Humanity’s H.D.I.
to the most basic elements of need...
Water, food, and fun; of these we all
agree to drink or swill or swim, to feed
or feast or famine; to smile or frown...
It is difficult indeed; to keep the first
three free of tag alongs, and come-a-longs
or singing sad songs about those things
I can not have because I want them!
To need or to want; this is 'the question’
'Whether tis a nobiliary’, to accept what is
best for all or, just say 'phucckk it’ and grab
all you can before the entire Earth...
Whoa! think of the implications; for all
nations! People then, would become
We are in that time; we are oh so primed...
for this to conceivably, so probably happen!
Is our combined H.D.I. so lowly and
suffering sad that OUR ONE 'DAD’ must
give US this whopping?


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