Womb’s Brow

What blessed seed kissed by love;
would rue the gift of life;
thoughts deep seat, in mind so meek;
fear the coming strife;
reach out such tiny hands;
unopened eyes view feelings rife;
hearts beat drumming tone;
voice shrill accompanying fife.
Life’s given, yet upon first breath;
its wasted end begun;
journey fast, its budding flower;
plucked ere blossoms’ done;
souls relive life’s fascination;
from womb, out into the sun;
destiny breached at your release;
life’s cruel, don’t be outdone!
First tastes, smells, sights;
heaven’s home is sorely missed;
listen, what is that sound;
whimper, sigh, or cries I exist;
then, as soul awakens;
first thought won, my will’s desist;
think, I’ve been selected;
my Creator’s humour, was in a twist!
Struggling passage slaved;
from pure bliss, to woe be gone;
increasingly this fact sets in;
to earthly realm, I have so drawn;
causes unbeknownst to mind;
life for me, I’m just his pawn;
chagrin fills all emotions;
for laughs, I’ll just pee and yawn!
Loves kissed by birth’s emotion;
yet in gist, it’s simply keen;
borne from life’s solutions;
complex chains of parental genes;
through conception, to last breath;
pain is what our lives mean;
life won, by peering out womb’s brow;
oh, what an opening scene!
Michael Darrell Walker


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