Thoughts of Perfection

What should an untainted mind
seek to retain
during the short time
it can maintain its unstained clarity,
and before
it is cinereously colored by life?
Perhaps the chuffed thoughts
of purity and perfection?
Contained within this thought,
a blistering attestation,
it and it’s claviform verbiage
directed specifically,
against the clausttal consciousness of this nation,
freeing, the few among us
without climacteric notions.
Fractural misdirection,
fueled by circumlocutionary acts,
continually fed,
by the chthonic masses
here amongst us,
feed into
that population of churls,
the hard cold facts,
that purity of mind,
and perfection in thought is false.
Coevality exists between these divided concepts,
Knowing that all
are of a universally similar clade;
clarity is the disadvantage,
to those
who would not try,
to maintain in mind purity;
and for perfection to prevail.
Michael Darrell Walker
Copyright ©2009 Michael Darrell Walker


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