She’s crying for my objects, I can’t believe
I have two in me, ones naive
Our end is complex
We cut ourselves & performed sex
The impact of your waves gives us vital effects
Her dreams are long so is her hair
It’s a twisted evening I said, while I choked her with her hair
I had a thorn stuck in me from her rose, I was bleeding the future & I ripped off our clothes
We wore our existence
We bit each other & created love
We marvel what’s above
She gave me her rose which I gave back in her face
When she whispers I do nothing but chase
I cut her with roses, she can bleed  what I want to see
I want you inside of me beloved key
I always notice the blur
The flowers in her hair holds my death which is beautiful
The moon is the same with you your more beautiful
Your still here, I am your fear
Your in my one yet not my two
You can see, along with us running through

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