Earth Beyond

Let There Be Light

Earth Beyond
Let there be Light
Dead into life empty into full hell into heaven nightmares into dreams
Grains of sand into towers of mountains into galaxies depths of ocean trenches
Formless unknown unknown darkness of the universe beyond the clouds
The beginning of life breathing carving moments into the edges of eternity
The vastness of the unfathomable vortices spiraling in lightyear velocities
From darkness it all started with a spark of light the minutest nanosecond
Of time coalesced with other undefined unseen elements through eons of odes
Of poetry Olympus gods goddesses of spilled blood and of nature in full splendor
Now stood like a thousand peacock’s wings spread before the rays of our rising sun
Earth our home beloved abode of our birth our dreams our soul’s shelter cave
Out of the sea we emerged dry the salt deep into our psyche under the scorching sun
Upright we breathed the air we never knew filled our gills with air sacs of oxygen
Earth’s life supporting gift as we rummage curiously through the lush virgin land
Colossus fern forests primal foliage the beginnings of the paradise that would be our home
Crawl into erect four legged into two dorsals to wings all flew in out of the shelter cave
From the darkness of the rock refuge the spark of light now a flaming torch
Ignited a dream a love a feeling a need for companionship a brotherhood
Breathing creatures we are from stupor awoke roamed the deep black forests
Joined the nascent existence in a renewed hunt for food extend life pollinate
Pollinate we did seven billion times billions more only from yesterday
Dead into life on we breathe on we fly rockets into the black matter beyond the clouds
Geared anew we join the neo-voyagers in the hunt for other life shelters far far away
In the vortices of space beyond in the darkness unknown we know awaits The Light
The Spark “Let there be Light” that started it all upon us from the Genesis revealed
. . .

Earth one of the four elements of the Universe (western culture). There is the element "Fire" in this poem related to the context. I will write more on "Fire" to complete the Four. Air and Water are the other two that's been written. Interesting musings I am sharing.

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