Merlin In French Quarter


Merlin In French Quarter
Continual feast my seventy fifth
Not many you see beyond sept-decennie
With family once voodooville twice not a myth
Remarkable birthday celebration trinity
Hallowed streets of the French Quarter
Merlin l walked with Macbeth along side the three witches
Clothed Lady Godiva snow ghost on horse even whiter
Eve of the Saints floating in October gypsies
Into spirit phantoms zigzag dance masquerade
Marching goblins horned draculas sashaying
Hooters and medusas along Mississippi esplanade
As twilight is brought in by raucous train hooting
Crowd spectators line up each street side
Ghoulish images bloodied screen shooters flash
As wheels of color beads and sweet treats thrown wide
Helter-skelter screaming catching grabbers clash
Merlin I walked along with the three prophets
In stride with the Saints band of New Orleans this fall
Hallows day a few moons to come yet still the Macbeths
Bewitched prophesied to power and hushed to downfall
Feasting how I wish to meet again in twenty-fifth
With friends family a centennial thrice phenomenal
Here in the holy streets of the Saints it is no myth
Past the horror parade Merlin casts a spell of glorious carnival

Written in New Orleans on a vacation last week. I joined/walked the
Halloween Parade as Merlin, costume and all. This parade I believe was
a prelude to a bigger one on the eve. The friends we (w/Betsy) were
with gave me two surprise post birthday celebrations. Quite a treat on
Halloween week! Without me threatening tricks!
Poem tries to capture the mood, the crowd and the characters of the
parade that started around twilight. The witches brought to mind the
Macbeths of the world, their ambitions, greed and downfall.

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