Avatars of Life

                        Avatars of Life
...the smiles from the sky letting it be the heart warming time with the avatar loved ones... ndr
Gone are my friends many
Most of my family gone as well
Screamed for life I emptied out
From my mother’s womb
A formidable keep from where
Love has given life to my life
I lived every moment of that love
  tried to the fullest
In solitude my own quiet way
Togetherness joy in camaraderie
In many avatars celebrating life
Happy and sad success and failure
Moments of birth illness and death
Gone are some flying buttresses
Of my being a humble architecture
Still the anchors are there strong
Arches and pillars graceful even
Friends family in the sky in no hurry
For me to walk with them again
Live the moments remaining they smile
Sustain love from the warmth of the heart
The leaves swing gently faintly heard a rustle
Soft warm breeze embraces from the beloved avatars
Photo: YouTube screenshot

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