Sun In Limbo

Thick Air

Sun In Limbo
Summer has left
And in one sweep
Of heat I sat abandoned.
Nothing in sight not even
A trace of my last smoke.
I used to see people crowding
Barefooted girls in gayest colors
Pigeons a-flocking, grain picking in the park.
I miss the lush green
Filtering the vibrant sun rays.
Now I feel this thick air
Is it because the sun has weakened?
I used to wear my solar glasses
When the sun ruled this park
Stole glances at some girls
Sitting in gay abandon.
Now I feel this dampness
Seeping into my being
Cold to the last touch of the sun
Again in limbo.
Limbering up I kissed a dying leaf:
Have you ever seen another sun?
©NDR 5 Oct 71 Farragut Square, Washington, DC

It was a strange feeling to be in an empty park that a few days before
was full of life with the sun splashing joy to all partaking of its beauty.
People react all different ways to seasonal changes, a whole gamut of
emotional intensity. Lucky are those who can be nonchalant, shrug it off.
And unlucky are those who are anxious. But always there is anticipation
and therein lies hope that the seasonal changes will bring a bounty of
good things, a new sun, another sun full of life giving rays. Hurrah to nature!

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