Blank Sheet Of Paper

A Line Dance With Life

Blank Sheet Of Paper
          A Line Dance With Life
          . . .
She got it back
Not knowing what it was
I wrote on the blank sheet of paper
My mother gave me at birth
She  got it back
. . .
Now filled with notes
Nobody knew noticed
The wax scribbles my infant
Nails had chicken scratched
On the blank sheet of paper
My mother gave me at birth
I created a noise moved around
Felt warm hands locating me
Heard voices of affection
Sighs and laughters whispers
Choruses of ahs of joys scribbled
On the blank sheet of paper
My mother gave me at birth
Kept it to myself nobody knew
Not sweet mawkish empty lines
Time capsule prose maybe of the joy
Outside my cocoon the fragrances
Of smiling red roses the pink carnations
Mother’s love fresh fruits and milk
Caring loving laced with caramel
Herbal mints of honey fondness
On the blank sheet of paper
My mother gave me at birth
She combed my hair tucked in my shirt
Tied my shoes checked my belt
Wiped the speck of dirt
Off my cheek none from the other
Brushed with her finger just the same
Banal acts at once from the heart
On the blank sheet of paper
My mother gave me at birth
Nothing pleased me hard time I gave her
Friends took me away from her love
Worried concerned she was always there
Helped with school work problems I have
Loving back I helped with her school needs
An angel guiding walking with me
The wisdom... fairness...
Restraint... and her strength
On the blank sheet of paper
Now clearly laid as the foundation
Veiled by her kind words and actions
Fuel my dreams chart the unknown
Scribbles my mother gave me at birth
School posters pen and ink
The art work she asked I did
Water colors of birds Christmas cards
Loved and cherished overjoyed she cried
Paved the road to bigger things a new world
The big boys stage a campus of challenges
Mother Art a dream nurtured lived
Sheltered thrived the noblest art shared
On the blank sheet of paper
My mother gave me at birth
Not gold not to the manor born
Not silver but a song she hummed
At the cradle my mother gave me
In pain she cried smiling seeing
Hearing the first time I screamed for life
Out into the good earth a ray of sunshine
From the womb she cocooned me
Courage undoubtedly was planted
Temperance and prudence grown
Bore fruits of justice a virtuous life
All on the blank sheet of paper
At the cradle my mother gave me
Far across the sea yonder in a land foreign
Alone longing for the milk comfort I miss
The warmth of a loving womb ambiance
I heard again in the wind my mother’s song
Her strength guiding me as I chose to build
A nest castle dream to live provide for to share
With someone of like values caryatid of virtues
Earth breathed sun after moon carillons chimed
Out from the cavern humdrum grind of city life
The hustle bustle the underground bowels
Clanging sounds of metal wheels and rails
Gnawing sweating zombies of nine to five kind
14th Street nights stones throw from 1600 Penn
Flew my senses sanity barely intact to a quaint
Transcendent fields of dreams live my wildest
Aspirations among the songbirds frogs butterflies
The sunflowers berries the phloxes and sugarplums
Among the chameleons the proteus masquerades
Sea to shining sea prairies rockies the wild flowers
Reunions birthdays barbecues weddings
We say hello wish happy times by air by land
Across the Pacific the Atlantic adventure
We miss we love loved and missed we are
A color wheel life collage bright brushes canvas
Primaries opposites mixed over pastels of time
Settled down in a canyon nook salty breeze way
A new halcyon with growing families new friends
From where the sun and the moon set
From where the sun and the moon rise
Chalking a daily life of pleasant happy memories
Idyllic canyon village soft summer winds refuge
Lush greens spectral fall colors musk April petrichors
Fresh winter mint warm touches of sweet dance
A place to live laugh and cry muse thrive and love
Written in my palms the lines in my soles
Funnier crazier loving handsomer than all kids
Creative lot hungry for any mental quests in science
Numbers and art fiction music and letters
Outdoors to live for the beaches they are there
Soccer souls all three boys my son his nephews
Breakfast jostles speed talks over crepes I prepared
Now as I read write poetry cook watch my health
Worship hope have faith and dream like a kid
Ever crazy about Santa be Santa all year
As I drink from the fountain of life of love
Wakes my being mule kicks each time it will
My soul blossoming far back the horizon azure
Into auras dawning of life with Mother Nature
As the stars twinkle liberating a song once hummed
Heard across the meadows the nooks and crannies
Of the galaxies in the valleys of the deities
Pan with his flute the nymphs gossamerly dance
All four seasons of the splendored nature singing
In celestial choral symphony crescendoing a joy
Above the canopy of love... long after I am gone
. . .
Mom winks at my Dad smiling
Into the wind held hands
Looked back at me smiling
Into the clouds disappear
Life well written they sowed the seed
Stumbled struggled survived
Mother hummed a line dance of life
Lucky comforted rejoiced I danced
All from the blank sheet of paper
A guide Mom gave me at birth
                  . . .
Photo: Public Domain

A path of life, a line dance guided by my angels, Mom and Dad. Through it all the chameleons and proteus improvisations the foundational melodic tune remained,
strung the changes together for me to step follow the music and to love dancing it. Thank you my Angels and to the company you keep in Heaven.

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