Beyond Epiphany

Evergreen Spirit

Beyond Epiphany
             Evergreen Spirit
Faithful like a halo the evergreen spirit happily
Sits smiling on top of the Christmas Tree
Since Advent through the festive season
Till the Orient Kings arrived on the twelfth day
The spirit came down with the fir tree felled
From Santa’s Orchards like the others to celebrate
The coming of Christ the Lord has sent to save us from sins
Forgiven we rejoice celebrate we sing hallelujah humbled we are
Ecclesiastical in our home our streets our town chapels our churches
The center piece of the season of joy peace of love a sign of constancy
Of charity hope of comfort to the needy the lost the lonely among us
The Christmas Tree spirits humming carols and love gathering songs
Songs of rebirth long before tinsels were hung on a Christmas Tree
Boughs wreaths of evergreen found their places on doors and windows
Symbols of hope of light the coming back of sun life on winter solstice
Fire festivals pagan sacrifices feasts of abundance ahead of the frozen scape
Out the clouds seasonally phoenix like the Sol Invictus blows soft kisses
A few solar flares in sync with the planets in the blurry band of stars
Cajoling the celebrants with merrier times at Christmas brighter New Year
In the offing verdant colors of life and rainbows all evils driven put out forever
Happy times were had faces of surprise and laughters as the gifts open
The fir tree spirit stretches out hovers over the needles and tiny lights
Gold frankincense myrrh now sit on the skirt under the Christmas Tree
Once more as the tree goes out the door the spirit joyously breathes
Reunites with other tree souls faithful as always in Santa’s Orchards
Beyond Epiphany heavenward all dancing with God through the next Advent
                        * * *
Photo: ndr Christmas Tree Ornaments

Poem inspired when I helped trim my son’s Christmas Tree in Durham NC

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