The Day After

Cocoon of Love

The Day After
Everywhere I look
Everything I see
I hear the colors of the universe
Nourishing the days before.
My being my soul my heart
Unbroken brimming with life
Friends loving giving sharing
Laughters full contentment.
This wonderment around me
The happy occurrences outside
My cocoon are the layers of love
I feel
I breathe
The days before.
A smile truly
Is all I could share back.
Hugs and tears now are here
Carnations and long roses
Stem the whole care kindness
From loved ones far and near
Unyielding compassion and extended hands
Twigs of evergreen from family
Once swollen eyes now dry settled silently
Like the red sun quietly melding into the amber horizon
Will keep my peace nourished for all eternity
The day after.

Written after surviving two near death events in my life...and when my heart is finally "broken", my soul will be nourished the very "day after" by the love that surrounded me "the days before".

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