Ruby Heart

Passion for Life

Ruby Heart
         Passion for Life
An eye contact in a subway
Lasted longer than usual
Penetrating... a couple of sweet smiles
Numbers exchanged
In bed together
after a candlelight wine dinner
Not a word spoken
Tender touches eyes sparkle
Soft deep breaths hands explore
Bodies caress in rhythmic harmonic gothic arches
Hard breaths deeply held... grasps... kisses... gasps
Heart throbbing... burst of joy...
Lovely life nourishing moments consumed
Tenderly... bodies disengaged
Ceiling rainbow sky blissfully silently gazed
Forehead kiss at the door
Fingers brush chin goodnight
Strangers in the subway
Never saw each other again
So easy to fall
In a love trap
First sight love is there
To take to keep to hold tight
Single anxious people
Lonely souls seeking love
Eager to touch
And be touched
Satisfy a yearning
Even for a short time
To be loved a companion
A loving solitary need
A fix... to remember born somewhere with a glimpse
Sweet glances twinkle little stars strangers catch
First ever loving sight
First ever loving smiles
First ever loving kisses
Souls interlude held sacred... first ever together
Fire and passion for life love of a ruby heart ever
                               * * *
Photo:ndr. Buganvillas under the sun take a ruby heart shape

Happy New Year! Seek love. There is love everywhere. Here, there. Keep the ruby, the joy, the life in your heart ever alive. All 2018. And beyond..

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