Splendor in the Sky

Earth Blood Shadow
           Splendor in the Sky
The ring of fire trumpeted rumbled through the cardinal extremes of the Pacific
Sacrifices made where Earth opened up coyotes howled a piercing cry at the moon
Flocks of blackbirds scatter scared flew with the geese deep into underground caverns
Hung quietly stalactites-like among squeaky bat yogis as the scarlet snakes hissed eerily
Owls hooted all await the celestial stage to blood bath the silver Moon closing in on Earth
In the piedmont along the sea rosemary bloomed with red roses and crimson sunflowers
Dogwoods had twigs of lavenders leaves of sage ruby dotted white trumpet Easter lilies
The sea creatures did water acrobatics burst out into air spread their rainbow wings
Flew with the angel-winged mermaids chevron glided the sea sky goddess Venus in front
All festive fantastic celebrations on the eve Earth sashay looming to align with the Moon
The three brothers gods of the sky the sea and underworld reconvene at the Mount
Quite puzzled at near dawn when the Moon magically reflecting on Earth a pastel red hue
Reddish in the cloudless valleys into steppes pinkish along the seashores and city scapes
Rubbing their eyes from stupor marvel at the tint changing Moon from silver to red iron
Pound their chests thunders curses thrown never to astray for the next splendor in the sky
As La Tierra silently completely consumed La Luna Azul with ochre red blood shadow
Earth now back on its trail the Sun tunnels the caves the birds fly out the blessed wombs
The sea at peace with the tides as the Moon turns to its phases sheds the blood curtain
The loved ones lost had flown to their new found home reunited well with their loved ones
Time chugs along expectedly alas until the three gods wake up for the next global fire
Rumbling of the ring again will arouse fears anticipation among the moon dreamers
Offer celebratory joy to telescopic sky wanderers to dance sing once more the overture
To Earth’s blood shadowing of the bemused Blue Moon trapped in a heavenly trifecta
A celestial mystery much awaited howled at sung to by nature by humans by immortals
* * *
Photo: ndr Angels and super blue blood moon
Video: ndr 7 minute long eve to blood moon
Moon River/Fly Me To The Moon guitar

The moon remains a celestial mystery bloodied or otherwise. The moon river is ever sparkling clear and pacific waiting for us...for you.

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Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

We can turn the rocks into diamonds

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

@Robert L. Martin: ...and diamonds into love, romance and kisses!

Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Even though it just rocks and etc, it is still mysterious. We can still fantasize and be romantisized by it

Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

The moon commands our attention, spellbound we are by its phases and colors, drives our spirits up and down all this showing only half her face mysteriously keeping the other half.
We continue to fantasize, create a paradigm.
Glad you like Robert, thank you.

Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Great story, Nelson. I can see it all happening.


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