Heart Eternal

To You I give

Heart Eternal
          To You I Give
The red striped white heart with red spiral fringe tail Valentines foil balloon
To you I give
The Hallmark Valentines fold out smiling clown card with big heart tinsels glittering
I give to you
The Hershey chocolate box of silver and red kisses with ruby heart ribbon
To you I give
Red roses wreath bow and arrow Cupid in the center with heart eyes twinkling
I know you’ll love... Made in China
A white bow purple heart box of liquor truffles chocolates and herbal macaroons
See’s Candies Special... on sale from California
A time of joy loose your mind laughter hair down on Valentine’s Day
Running around in the insane asphalt jungle world I take you away
Bye to multi-tasking with multiple heads and limbs juggling to no end
Least I could do a time all your own magical bliss a heavenly moment
Taxi driver extraordinaire to ball games swim meets soccer
Grocery runs post office hair salons even hardware store
Doctor’s appointments Rx’s pick-ups junk food carry outs
To your work as well and those dinners you make Sumptuous
You are a task visionary with force-be-with-you kind of focusing
A Winter Olympian champion skilled in the nuances of ice skating
In architectural spatial physics of yet unheard quintuple rotation
Landing caressing the ice tiny chips like a diva’s poetic gyration
Piercing the water with a clean whistle hardly a bubble a mirage
Fantastic symphonic magical orchestration of time unrushed
Of resources at all times in the moment with tender loving care
No eyes rolling no knotted forehead ever a shining face you are
To you my love my woman my friend my lover my all my angel
My faithful partner in this dolce vita a garden paradise we travel
The felicities of the silly things in stores’ Valentine’s candy cove
The bouquets of adoration chocolates of caring tied with infinite love
Radiating with the sun rays the moonbeams twinkling with starlights
With the precious stones on ruffles of purple silk sheen of soft lights
All in a treasure chest brimming with respect admiration I swoon
Heart crossed and hope to die eternal love I give you with the sun the moon
Photo: ndr grab shot from store Valentines shelf
Video: Kitschy pop culture during Valentine’s Day ironically loved and relevant. Love it! Photos from Grocery Store, USA.
Charlie Byrd on the guitar. 1:42 video, check it out.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers of life, of love.

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