Pigs Can Fly

Ad Astra

Pigs Can Fly
           Ad Astra
          Out of the box beyond the
Rubicon pigs can fly
“ thus one journeys to the stars” Virgil
Soar like the bats out of the cave
  Darkness can lead you to light
Into the world under the sun
  Where things lay bare and clear
Where curiosity coalesces with reality
Into the open fields meadows valleys and prairies the shores
  Where the air is fresh and rejuvenating
Makes you pause think and
think big and follow your vision
Like the kitten’s curiosity reaching for the higher shelves
  Soar farther out higher like the eagles to the stars
Indeed in the world of unknowns beyond the space known pigs can fly
Photo: Overstock

Poem inspired by Robert L Martin and John Steinbeck

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