Love and Desire

                  Love and Desire
I must love you tonight
Even as I slumber in the thoughts
Of uncertain tomorrow a dream
Caught between love and desire
      Had not my passion spun
      A discordant smile in you fear
      This affair just a passing fancy
      That you chose not to touch
Tonight as I drift into lonely thoughts
Lost emptied emotions unsettled heart
So consuming a desire making the dream
The loving come out be there be touched
       Your warm silken body again I caressed
       Traces of sorrow become soft touches of love
       Soulful gaze a tender smile of love and desire
       Gently brushing my face your eyes still perplexed
       . . .

Hello February! I l-o-v-e you! Evermore!

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más de 3 años

Aha! Your Valentine's Day poem. Very nice!

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
más de 3 años

Busy days ahead for our friend Cupid. Thanks Brod for Like.

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