Fountain Pen
your fingers
on your fountain pen
connect you
to fantasies
to dreams
a flying carpet
to universes unknown
you see the world
you see both sides
of the moon
at the same time
as you dip
into the ink well
the sun begins to rise
from the west
comes back
to set in the west
for eons it comes home
different setting
each time
you can see
through the thick fog
begin to form beautiful
colourful images
as well the
water fountains
in the parks
in the plazas
in your garden nook
in your hearth
In your heart
you see rainbows
at sunrises
now a palette
of pulsating
spectrum hues
the fountain pen
in your hand
a joy to behold
a gift from the heart
a flying carpet
to universes unknown
Photo: Jess Gopez, Tau Alphan fountain pen amoureux

Poem inspired by all the Tau Alphans in the chats site who vibrantly participated extolling the beauty and elegance of the fountain pen.

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Robert L. Martin
3 months

Imagination, what a great asset.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
3 months


Thanks Robert.

Olga Gavrilovskiy
3 months

I still rely on pen and paper to write out my poems first, before they get typed and stored away on the computer :-)

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
3 months

Thank you Olga for visiting. Love it that you love as well using fountain pens. It’s inescapable the delight it gives you from the intimacy of the paper, the ink and the pen helping you put together your thoughts.
Glad you liked this poem.

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