Prelude To Peace

The Morning Calm

Prelude to Peace
        The Morning Calm
Out its shell crab flew
Over seas to Singapore
A prelude to peace
A new horizon twilight
Sun rising to morning calm
                 * * *
Photo: ndr Singapore Sling
A toast to peace. Cheers!
* * *
(Reposted “Oleanders”)
          life asserting
          * * *
Hiroshima Nagasaki
Peace bloom forever
          * * *
The Little Boy flew
Hitchhiked inside Enola Gay
The Fat Man flew
Sat in the bowels of Bockscar
Across the Pacific from a tiny island
Clear morn the “broad island” Hiroshima
Over the cloudy long cape port Nagasaki
Quiet sleeping small fishing towns for ages
Turned imperial arms makers suppliers
Three mornings apart peace sister cities now
Atom pregnant mushrooms free fall from B-29s
Sprouted black red clouds short lived yet
Had ingrained in the soul of the Rising Sun
Forever in the heart where the imperial sword
Wielded swift guillotine-like decapitations
Of the defiant hostile unbowing war subjects
Of a Mickey Mouse beholden disnified Emperor
Abundant benevolence Demigod Hirohito
The Imperial sword sheathed at last
Face strained the Rising Sun bowed
Onto the laps of the victors the spoils
Peace and a token peninsula a misty hermit state
Once the comfort bedroom of the harakiris
A respite nook where the rays of the red sun
Softly brushing the pastel pink cheek shores
A summer kigo offering for a winter haiku musings
This the Land of the Morning Calm
Centuries of glorious cultural past
Proud religious people now a divided land
Looming over a dark shadow a mushroom cloud
A different specie puffball hundredfold fiery and toxic
Let Little Boys and Fat Men rest in peace forever
Not again a fireball like in Hiroshima - Nagasaki
Leave the peace be... let life assert...ever  flourish
Let oleanders forever be blooming... undisturbed
                             * * *
(C) NDR8.21.2017 (Moon covers the Sun totally today!)

A haiku plus fourteen on the prospect of peace from The Hermit Land of the Morning Calm.

A few months ago amidst the heightened rhetoric that threatened world peace I wrote “Oleanders” inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting of the same title referencing the flowers as “life affirming “. Turned out that the shrub was the first to show up in Hiroshima after the atomic bomb devastation and became the city’s official flower. It literally gave the city hope and strength to recover and flourish.
I am reposting “Oleanders” here together with the haiku with the same hope I felt that peace would be at hand. As we in the ‘60s would say “please give peace a chance”.

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