The Eyes of Time

           The Eyes of Time
               * * *
Tectonic plates born
        Naked to the sun rising
Volcanoes folds blocks
                *  *  *
Eons front and center to the sky
The plateaus the valleys of wildflowers
Earth’s attic sanctuaries to dreams
Bosoms to night and day the eyes of time
Front and center to the seas and rivers
Mountains nature’s own primordial cathedrals
Granite gothic spires soar above the clouds
Where the gods dwell in cornucopian delights
Evergreen needles pierce the winds the moonlight
Buffering gods’ thunders the deities of Mount Olympus
Slouching bacchanalian in ambrosial revelry
Yes mythical the Immortals
Chariot the summits of the Alps Pyrenees the Picos
Juggernaut to Himalayan ridges over ocean divides
As the light rays breakthrough the celestial prism
The sun softly murmurs bluish mauve shadows
In forests cruciform canopies spilling prismatic tints
Of ecclesiastical hymns on jadeite fern mantle ground
Hallelujahs of raindrops bouncing with frog chameleons
As double rainbows grow from steaming thirsty earth
Through earth’s born days eons of time
Ancestors of humanity closeted in the deepest
Bowels of squinting eyes tar dark caves
Of ores salts stalagmites and hanging stalactites
Come to unite red drippings of snowcaps
Cave dwellers iron painted fauna and flora
The eyes of time stolid quiet as the man sitting
On the ledge folded legs fingers in mudra energy
Eyes saber crystal to emerald horizon like the stars
Seemingly in frozen journey yet spinning aflame
In light speed releasing gaseous radiant life energy
Life bubbles life dances life freezes life sprouts
In concert colors with Vivaldi’s four season horizons
Unmask then joy naked your souls celebrate for seasons
Dance front and center to the mountains the eyes of time
Breathe catch breath you do
On and on rocky rugged
Steep ground the trail goes
          The divider of cultures
          Yet a refuge to all dreams
                    * * *
Photo: ndr

Inspired by a trip to Breckinridge, Colorado. Hiked two 12K feet high mountains in two consecutive days! Next trail: the Olympus Mons on Mars, elevation: 69K feet plus, twice as high as Everest. Yes, in my dream. Photo is Cathedral Rock in Sedona, 4K ft plus elevation.

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Sim Evora
2 months

Sedona Arizona is beautiful! I like how the colors changes through the day. I had an amazing experience visit of Sedona years ago.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
2 months

One of the four places Eetsy and I go to with our travel group. The other three are Sanibel Island, New Orleans and Puerto Vallarta, MX. We call ourselves the Iquanas.
Thanks for liking.

Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Pablo Neruda wrote many poems about Machu Picchu. I'd like to see it too, some day.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

Would be great to sit down with you all, Jennifer and others, in one corner of the site for a cup of Peruvian coffee / hot chocolate after the hike. :-))
" can not keep spring from coming back"...PNeruda
Apparently Manchu Picchu has come back, slowly but surely.
Thanks Robert.

over 3 years

Maybe you should try Machu Picchu too. It is in my bucket list along with a hundred other heavenly places in Spaceship Earth.


Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

Thanks Brod. Love to experience MaPichu, soon before I abandon ship!

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