Gothic Autumn
Dry gargoyles sultry dog days sunrise to moonset cycles
A long awaited twilights of cool air pleasant musky petrichor
Seem farfetched as the ceiling fans long ago accepted
Critters lulled woke up to dissonant whirs of conditioning air
But relish at the thought of a wheat-gold harvest moon lair
Like an early moonrise at sunset warm colors of celestial lights
Cool winds at twilights to breeze over superimposed pastel sheer
Delight at a beach pit fire jubilation a clambake the crowd raves
Indigo clairvoyant mortals in bright mascaras and gypsyish clothes
Of baroque halloween howl leap drag to violins of amber hues waves
Into golden ichor as the sea gods and goddesses and mermaids
Burst out joyous to see Aphrodite naked pirouetting arms to sky
Embraced Poseidon the immortal pair in mean lambada braids
A mesmerizing equinox offering the myrtle love scents wafting on
To the beach the immortals and consorts dancing singing merrily
Then gone mirage like no murmurs nor any water bubbles around
In awe heightened with passion the mortals consumed the sea food
The ambrosia for the night palpable is love creating a passionate
Ebullient bond with their own gothic autumn of aphrodisiac desires
Unleash angst of unsettled souls a sultry wish a cry to consummate
Like bells from the gothic belfries the gargoyles once again ring
Roaring shooting arches of water deep into the valley yonder
Sashaying cascading the dry soil with songs of earthy scents
The critters delighted lullabied to the gentle drizzles of rainwater
Photo: Public Domain / Isaac Cruikshank
Video: Tribal Gipsy Baroque under 4– minutes, Tribal Baroque - Thoth and Lila

Magnificent nature spectrum on display this Fall, a magnanimous prelude to a Season of Joy. Along the way one may see some out of character gothic scenes that could stir up a deep longing for affection.

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Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Thank you Robert, very much for your generous words. I love reading your prose and poetry as well. I thought the different styles/forms and words you use are quite exciting and interesting and hold the reader’s interest to the last word not to mention of course the many different topics you write about. Inspiring you are I am positive to all your readers.

Thanks again.

Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

I love the words you use and the continuation of the sentences. I tend to make stories out my poems. I wish I had more of a style like yours. Every time I start with that thought process, I end up writing a story. I wish I could break myself of that habit. If I knew all the words you know, maybe it would be easier. I sure love your style.

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