Snow Sky

Winter Smile

Snow Sky
           Winter Smile
Snowstorm armageddon ah I truly miss yes
Arms wrap around me morn opened my eyes
Stalactite icicles hang outside the window
The pine trees bent laden with heavy snow
My neighbor’s roof a foot of snow quite clear
A virgin snowscape waits for snow angels rear
Your God’s little acre world now lie
Deep in white powder earth and sky
As far beyond the sheen horizon you can see
Bare bushes cardinals bluebirds shelter in glee
The red and the blue against soft white field
Colors that somehow envelope you cozily’d
And you get back to bed self cuddled warm
And dig in to sleep until past dinner charm
Reality sets in the smile in the mirror faded gone
The back breaking winter task a neighbor began
Casual pretense you walked out with a shovel said hello
All day next couple of days dig snow till brown earth shows
You wish for a hot mug of a favorite java roast
You wish for the fragrance of fresh breeze coast
The technicolor spectrum of ground spreading
Wild flowers on the wide valley bosom hugging
The song birds and vibrant filmy gossamer wings
Flirting with the snow creek flute ripple murmurings
You sip your coffee continue shoveling winter’s hazard
By chance look up a familiar sky cloud cold grey clad
A snow sky seen a day before you let out a wry smile cry
Gulped more coffee burped curved a wave to neighbor bye
That’s how I love and yes miss the snowstorm
None in fairy paradise south California realm
Photo: ndr  Tobacco Trail in Durham-our backyard after a snowstorm

Inspired by Poet Vic Evora’s winter poems.

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