COVID-19...not get it all we have to do...-ndr


At this point in time who lives or dies from this pandemic virus all depends on whether one has it or not and how each one of us reacts to the situation. That said all one can do is summon the faith, hope and love, found in the inherent goodness within ourselves, of us all. And that we reciprocate in kind, respect the faith, hope and love that is expressed by others.

Faith in the truth that something good will happen. Hope that good will come out from our faith. And love among us to sustain our faith and hope, no matter our desperation that nothing seems to happen the way we expected things to be.

All of us the world over currently are presented with this scourge of a virus, out of the blue, unseen with our naked eyes yet wreaks death and suffering and untold havoc to societies at large in all levels of activities, all walks of life, public and private.

Humanity is at a threshold again of something that has in the past been tried by the dark forces of disease apart from the darker forces of man’s inhumanity to man. Been said many times over these days, the proverbial boat us all in it together. A testimony to the goodness of humanity in the midst of a calamity that is all upon us. Being together in the same boat means at the very base, sharing, coming out of the closet for the good of all, for the boat to stay afloat.

These stressful times the phrase “I got this” can be both expected and unexpected. And that my friend in a nutshell what faith, hope and love  is all about.

Photo: grabbed from web news

Stressful times. Friday the 13th. Dark devil cloud hanging over Paradise Earth-COVID-19.

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