Casting Haikus

Warm air season long
   Now cold breezes suddenly
Thermal hugs kindling
And the robin flew
             Out the nest__beaks open trust
Flew back__worms in beak
Red woodpecker peck
      Twisted bark distressed gray tree
Squirreled nuts holed in
Carpenter he was
   Fashioned mud nests tucked beneath
Canopy needles
Mast upright seaward
   To flora and fauna land
Buzzing fairyland
Bountiful garden
   Lilac Sunday monarch shrubs
Bees buzz songbirds sing
   Floral wheels geometric sheens
   Daisies red roses lilies
Hummingbird flapping
          There mid-air now gone now there
Wings beat high speed squared
Shooting stars not seen
   Light zooms exponentially
Tail ends vaporized
And so we take from
   Earth minerals gold diamonds
So little so big
   Red diamond hand nature dealt
   Left scars ever telling wounds
Steep hill the trail goes
   On and on rocky rugged
Breathe catch breath you do

Sundry haikus; work cut out for me to expand on each one
as I did with "Nestlings". Surely will lose a few more precious
hair strands from my balding head. :-)) .
Hope you have fun and not spill your coffee! :-)) .

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over 4 years

Very nice indeed. You are now a samurai Nelson-san.

I remember a scene from Shogun (I read the book as well) when Toronaga-san condemned Yabu-san and forced him to commit hara-kiri. Before he did he wrote a haiku to celebrate his life. Amazing how one collapse a lifetime into a seventeen-syllable haiku. :)

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 4 years

Thanks, Brod.
Remember Yojimbo, the blind samurai? There was this fly buzzing over his head when he was having dinner and tea.
Reached for his sword and struck the fly but the fly kept on hovering over his head when he said, "He'll never have babies anymore!". :-))

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