in God we trust

...the root of all evil?...

in God we trust
a piece of paper
Dali size artwork ornate
rectangular shape
greenish others rainbow-ish
numerals in four corners
face and building in faces
each side protected secured
can get you there everywhere
enough can give all you wish
invoking faith and power
the paper makes you feel strong
earned and worked for proud are you
generous to charity
you give some other times more
you plan to shore up the nest
been said banknotes can’t buy love
root of all evil even
yet things we long for... treasures
we have... even happiness
health wealth-assisted we know
are exchanged for this paper
a means to hold the hopes up
the dreams our loved ones pursue
may come true in God we trust
©ndr 02.26.2024
Photo: ndr

...I see this more times than I see other things...I thought I’d write a word or two about it...

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