A Good Day In 2020

The sun is always there a good day in the offing

A Good Day In 2020
Seems unreal weird spinning wheel world
Surreal year 2020 beyond art grotesque
Step outside your shelter breathing
And pray you come back in breathing
For a repeat chance to step out come back
To spin the wheel one more freakish time
Should I wear my face armor?
Maintain my lance distance
From another armored brave one?
Sing happy birthday twice
Washing soaping my hands?
Stay forever in my dog pen
That I’ve traveled ad infinitum?
Every square inch for the nth time?
Listen to the health experts
Day in day out flip flopping
Conflicting endless advices
Repeating the same
Pros and cons how-tos on
Dealing with Satan
There at your doorsteps
Picking his pointy nose waiting
The explosion of the medical experts
Doctor snake oil of the media the sports
Politicians and pundits and celebrities
Juxtaposed with the social unrest mayhem
The noise of a national election fakeries
In the end who says what could be good
Chance to grasp the wisdom of not knowing
To search for the Golden Fleece the truth
Gets you to bed read reflect consider meditate
Listen to music poetry dream of better times
Discover more ways to travel around your den
Come back be yourself eat junk food smile
The sun is always there a good day in the offing
(c)NDR 10.30.2020
Photo: ndr Orange County Great Park, CA

Inspired by Robert L Martin.

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