Singular October

Rare Blue Noon

Singular October
           Rare Blue Moon
As the fall September faded  and sank deep into the dark red blood sky
Of the autumnal equinox heading south
A disc had risen uneventful
    into an old rose tint of remembrances melancholy songs of love and trysts
A full harvest moon as it was
    ushered in quietly into the undivinable October realm
October surprises on cue as the full Harvest Moon rises in the                    east quietly
A gift from the turbulent early days of the cold breezes and  howling gales
Of September in the surreal year of twenty twenty
The solar clocks keeping an eye
    trailing the eons old journey
Of mother earth around
    the phlegmatic sun as it appears
To cross over her bosom on the path to seasonal changes
    Loop seemingly a routine vernal and fall equinoxes the sun whistles through
Sacrificial altars built at the apex of ziggurat ancient stone temples
    Precise slit openings light from the deep space where the aliens sleep
Piercing casting shadows lit up the altar of the pagans chanting
Stake muffled scream cry for life into the silence of death
Celebrated yet another season change a harvest cornucopia
The goat horns filled with nature’s bounty to tide over the harsh
      weather to come
Nothing dark on what’s to come from the sorcerers
No tarot cards had shown a year of turmoil unsettling times
        the crystal ball silent
Bowls of cherries sugar and spice instead are in the cards
        year long prosperity drawn
Alas chaos uncertainties and darkness death and bonfires
The stage unfolding like the witches four act tragedy play
      amidst a devouring
Unseen grim reaper roaming the wheat fields and corn fields of
        the seven continents
Once singing dancing swaying with the breeze of life
Now are hollowed brown fields of death and misery
The four horses’ joy a garden of hell and desolation
Far up in the sky a gleam of light appeared a North Star
Glittering  brighter than the auroral color waves
A string of light shone flashed like a thin glass slithered
The deep blackness of the cave chased the shadows out
There in the east a twilight orange disc rises a singular
Lucky we are with the rare nascent harvest moon that escaped
        the virgin September
Yet blessed more it phases into full unusual blue moon
A sweet cider night October Halloween Blue Moon surprise a
        treat for the ages
Harbinger of Thanksgiving wine and the egg nogs of the Season
        of Joy
And you say what? Covid-19?
Ha! St. Michael!
A naked poetry free verse (c)NDR10.12.2020
Photo: Pinterest

Take a glimpse of the Halloween Blue Moon come October 31. Would be a long while before the next one.

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