pathic pidity

                        pathic pidity
      rain rain come again every day
been a while since a gloomy dark sky
a bucket of cloud water in this neck of
  the woods called Laguna
tonight suddenly I heard a pathic pathic
  sound from the roof... aw crap
saw a synchronous flash of light and
  heard a loud long thunderclap
that shames a flamenco dancer’s
  rhythmic foot stomping
not any moment longer I saw distant
  light flashings no not the round eyed
then a pidity pidity... pidity... pidity faint
  sound  from the roofs
the sky water trickling down the soft
  coughing of the distant thunder
  away fading
all is well again tonight in this neck of
  the  woods called Laguna
Photo:ndr night rain lightning in Laguna Woods
Video:ndr night rain lightning in Laguna Woods 4:18 minutes

october rain in Leisure World california.
a play of words from “pathetic and stupidity”from a Viber chat group (Brods JessG, Julinsky and others).

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