esprit de corps corner

hear the silence
listen to silence
  see the smiles of brotherhood
the blades of grass share
peaceful raucous wild chatter
tales of love lost and won sweet
days of immortality
  in the Elysian Corner
acacia canopy leaves
  sheltered us well listened laughed
danced to TA fellowship
  blades of grass will sway again
as we listen the still nook
brings joy echoes of our youth
Photo: Brod Ray Sacro

Esprit de corps Tau Alpha camaraderie corner in the University of the Philippines Diliman campus

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Charlotte B. Williams
about 1 month


Nelson D Reyes
about 1 month

Thank you Robert.

about 1 month

Hear! Hear!

Many days of my youth have I spent in that corner. Memorable happy carefree days. Camaraderie, youthful fun sometimes fueled by CH3-CH2-OH, as well as abstract philosophical discussions (again fueled by the same) transpired in the friendly confines of the Tau Alpha corner. Indeed!

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 1 month

Thanks Brod. And you’ve written about the camaraderie in that paradisal corner where nectar and ambrosia were there for the asking.

Like no tomorrow why we excelled getting “exceptional grades!”.
Ah...for the love of repeating the courses!

Thanks Brod for the like.

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