Poetic License


Poetic License
           Ah... Uh... Ah
Single word stanzas four lines quatrain
To free verse to metered sonnets reign
Haiku seventeen decima eight rhymes
To thousand moral epic narrative lines
Dreamers of rainbow words lyricalion
Morphology inventing coining to fusion
New words flower to season’s fragrances
Vitruvius volutes to Leonardo’s Mona Lisa’s
Into nature’s circles and squares allusion
A divine golden ratio harmony in proportion
A single syllable word out of the cave
From stalactite chambers painted wave
Of art expressions in the dark cavernous
Of hunted figures and loving murmurous
Ecstasies pleasure moans yearnings
Echo in the cavern to pitch screaming
Ecclesiastic crescendo to paganesh “more”
Breath holding “Ah... uh... ah... uhmo... re!”
“Ave! Love me! Gimme! Amare!”
Poetry from the cave Neanderthare
Thrillingly resounded guttural to tundras
Steppes to valleys south to saharas
Cave words spoken seven billion more times
An antiquity cry for love a poetic license rhyme
Photo: public domain Diana and Callisto by Titian

Love - the primal word.

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