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Purple Winds

Galaxies of Humankindness

Purple Winds
           Galaxies of Humankindness
The whispery gentle purple wind lightly whistles a faint
Fragile thin luminous lavender papyrus Halloween ghost
Mascaras shadow dancing the granite stone misty vapor falls
Of a Yosemite bluff overlooking sequoias oblique to the fading sun
Mask replicas purpling hugging the pastel beige stone facade
As the misty mystic purple vapor gingerly cascading down
The purple winds glide airily transparent like smokes of dry ice
In the morning along the peaks the breezy cool the breezy warm
Down to the plains echoing the cry of the dry hollow tumbleweeds
The song of the desert winds
The cool wind of the thin mountain air
The moonbeam rustling leaves
The fiery rustic romance breeze
Dancing the hot spicy salsa air spin
The blustery winds of the squall
The pirouetting October snow dusts on a trail
The sun stirring warm ocean air
The dust winds the tornadic gales
In the eye of the voracious hurricane vortices
The howling sound of a thousand wolves
In the hot colors of the crackling fatal fire wind
The sandblasting beach the quiet waves of the sunset sail
The tender notes of the twilight Spanish guitar
The soft wiggle of a dew on a fern at dawn
Such is the whispery purple wind
Satiny like a bridal veil layering weaving through
At times wild
At times tame
Simply a romance
A breathing living poetry
Life transforming
Love transcending
Beyond the auras
Beyond the essences
Of our souls
Love wind blown
In a sweep whispering of hope
Rhythmically swayed
Like fireflies in the black forest
Winds of purple love
Ever floating light
...leaves caress and sing softly
Ever so sharply
...leaves howl and cry fiercely hard
Ever so thinly
...floating like gossamer wings of air
Fragile yet connected
Contouring to cotton soft breezes
...Strong as the spiderwind silver silk web
Torn at places but love unbroken
...Like a Halo rainbow
Over the galaxies of human kindness
                        * * *
Photo: ndr Yosemite Bridal Veil Falls 10.17.2017
Poem gelled during our (Betsy and I) trip to Yosemite - a nature’s
magnificent panorama of granite mountains, meadows and valleys, rock
outcroppings, waterfalls, sequoias, and the onset of autumnal display
of changing colors, the falling leaves, the gentle wind, the soothing sound
of running creeks. A dream picture of serenity away from the madness of
“fumigation”, literally and figuratively. Our house being fumigated at
the time. And the two famous Houses in DC, well, as well:-)).

We live under the tapestry of universal human kindness.
Underneath all the hatred, I strongly believe, is the undeniable
congenital human virtue-our love for life, our love for humanity,
our very existence underwritten by this. Quixotic? Hmmm...
but in dreams we were all conceived. We can dream to move on past
our differences. We can make hate disappear from the spotlight.

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