Empty Dreams

Not again a December
Nor yet a January
Last year’s transition
Left me singly crying.
Again alone all empty
I yearn for a lover’s touch
Of mellowed compassion
One’s once loved feelings.
The sun’s primal rays yet again mallow
Grimly the surround before me as I step out.
The breeze kissing our faces soft on our hair
Yes we listened to the lush whispering grass
Now around me fading into the field
Brownish not a single blade I saw swaying.
Pockets of dandelions we once laid on
Cut across up close to the pond now shallow
Mirrored yellowish into still water reflecting
The rays of time finite now since you left.
Barefooted farther down long shadows appear
Tracing prints of our exuberant halcyon youth
With joyful innocence we cast into shooting stars
Our dreams now boomerang into empty promises.
What more does Chronos have in store?
Dante’s gothic sickle?
In  pyre is my world my love
Sun after moon
Each moon find me crying
Each sun yet another dying.
©NDR 24 Dec 1969

My "true love" after all was not. We were young, we were in love. We shared everything, every tear, every joy. We shared this separation. We grew up. We said goodbye.

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over 4 years

I miss those youthful days... My take however is a little more frivolous than yours, as expressed in one of my youth-inspired poems

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 4 years

Just read it. I take it that he is our Brod? Love it. You'd never find out if you don't try. Lol!

over 4 years

@Nelson D Reyes: Brod, that is my own story!!! LOL. To this time, brods who are my contemporaries rag me about her. I can only laugh at the humor of it all.

She became Corps sponsor and graduated Cum Laude, became a doctor afterwards. But she was a KM activist; she still is and I often see pictures of her in front of demonstrations.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 4 years

@Vic: Funny,. And funny as well, the girl in Pyre also became a Corps Sponsor, a beautiful woman! She wasn't an activist though but supported me being one.

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