Songs of Cicadas

          Songs of Cicadas
Life the path to death
           Mortal beings eternal souls
Death the path to life
Wretched demons wallowing in the comfort
Of the king’s court amusement from jesters
Leeches feeding off the flesh sucking blood
Mine is a silence a frail voice buried ignored
Supreme Deity summon thy subordinate gods
I plead purge this body out to fifth dimension
Stuck in hope polarized fourth now in turmoil
Unshelf antiquities remold this earthy soul I plead
Fly with the Muses to a universe beyond Chaos
Where space and time fuse into one entity
Energies meld like translucent swaying auroras
Where pain suffering fear are but mirages of benighted scene
Synchronicity of peace love harmony abound
Gather strength in darkness cicada like
Soul reborn my voice in sunlight
Resurrect the rhythmic screaming
Songs of Cicadas deafeningly sweet
Clear across the four winds
Sing make noise make love
Guttural piercing cries of life
Paving a path to eternity
               .  .  .

I read some where there is good in darkness. And then came Jenifer's
"Black Forest", what little light the forest receives brings hope and happiness
to the fauna and flora that call it home. This poem is a tribute to that ever
thirsty love of life in whatever circumstances we are in or presented with,
our dream and belief of the immortal soul in us.
I thought of the cicadas' hibernation underground, the darkest place one
could be, the hope they kept and the joy they shout upon surfacing above
ground once more. Sweet testament to the good in darkness from the
"Black Forest". Thanks Jenifer.

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