Dear Ayn Rand

Them fountainheads!
Betrothed Keating was webbed entangled
Was caught by art critic Toohey to dead
End ego supreme Roark’s new vision angles.
Supreme ego individualist architect Roark
Torched Keating naked put Toohey aghast.
Dominique in stone quarry begin to purr
Sucked her ego to sight touch stranger Roark eyes.
Evading hers selfish king continued pounding stones.
Ah egotists!
Cuckooed Keating, Dominigue bedded
Critic boss publisher Wynand daily news
Married him yet rocked lover Roark’s bed
Toohey aghast! No Greek? No medieval scones?
Erect-my-ideas-fountainhead ego great Roark
His found love shared least selfish, alas!
Flamed Dominique ménage Keating-Wynand a-troic
Separate once twice and more in blissful lusts!
Ah egotists!
Spread love!
Shared flesh bliss!
In places less cove.
Never my soul will let his Dominique
Webbed entangled arching back a-trois
With them self centered egotistigues
Not once twice or thrice!
Them egotists!
©NDR mid’60's rev6/2016

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