Shadow Dance With Time

a tango in time

Shadow Dance With Time
Time does not wait for anyone
A wallflower in space infinite
Mute oblivious but there
Like a grandfather’s wall clock
Time is just ticking indefinitely
Without beginning without end
Like an unseeable shadow around us
Like a statue in the park staring
Blankly into unknown unknowing
Unmoved unfeeling not seeing
No one no mystic seers can master time
We are but muppets among ourselves
   Enjoy our company shadow dance with time
   In the space allowed us in a finite frame
Frolic and sing dance and laugh and cry
Compose symphonies and write poetry
Build towering structures material entities
Satisfy our egos our dreams our salvation
Our mystical transcendental experiences
Fortified by flying buttresses of faith and hope
Our subconscious fantastical aspirations
All embodied in a paltry insignificant capsule
Minute grain against the cosmic unending space
Of time that remains cold indifferent immutable
Surrender all all we built acquired
We check out our logical bodily end
Pay our dues ticketed wait in the lobby
Where the grandfather clock stood has been
Ticking the seconds in deadly precise rhythm
Like stabbing a dagger repeatedly mechanically
Into our heart that is now rendered a vacuum
A space now empty devoid of matter entirely
Yet as time is oblivious it unknowingly
Had released our immortal self our soul
Imbued in us integral with the whole
In creation the likeness of God In His Image
Our spirit in a new journey of life eternal
Find a new home a new heart a new joy
Shadow dance with the wallflower time
Tango the accordion into ages evermore
Photo: ndr  butterfly releasing the eternal spirit

joy on the other side of time

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