into the clusters of shooting stars

my shadow’s shadow

into the clusters of shooting stars
                         my shadow’s shadow
to see my familiar space
sunset long my shadow
on Mother Earth’s terra firma
squinting from darkness
waking up to the black spaces
of the forest in my mind
the encompassing canopies
the emptiness of the crevices
in the universe of my being
i squint some more to focus
the blur get light for a clearer vision
of the nothingness of the space
of time immobile
like the mountains
like the trees of the universe
of the Elysian elusive truth
the paragon of the
Golden Fleece
our very own self
a dragonfly in lightyear
multiple layers of space
of cosmos infinite darkness...
my soul exits my terrestrial body
wind blown my soul flies
over the dry prairies
to the grassy meadows
to the flat land steppes
the winding creeks
sacred rivers to the ancient seas
a surprise visit to Jonah
in Davy Jones’ Locker
surfaced like a butterfly gypsy soul
wander to the habitats of all
other beings to the clouds
to the  sky cerulean and back
to the caring Mother Earth
to hear a comforting
euphony the music
of my being my soul
echoing in and around
the cosmic dark matter
caressing to a soft melancholy
Mozart love sonata
to heraldic Beethoven’s Ninth
ah but to fly again
a passionate bohemian
heart out from the
consoling familiar walls
of my cocoon
my soul
with the gossamer wings
of a dragonfly flew a voyage
to the  clusters of shooting stars
saw collages from the planet blue
images of the Bard’s world
a stage of avatars in all forms
the pains of innocence of wisdom
a world ever in the throes of
discovering itself... ever serene
Mother Nature coping at every turn
i grieve
in the hope that the genesis verse
‘let there be light’ resolves into a couplet
of healing peace love unity for eternity
my shadow’s shadow I see
entered a new home with my soul
i smile
photo: wired

a flying carpet space trip dedicated to the pioneers of space travel

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