songs of our soul

                        songs of our soul
around us
in the sacred moments of our solitude
  our loneliness
soothing sounds we hear from our heart
  songs of our soul in stillness
soft music permeating the body
lovely notes caresses of longings of
soft melody in our castle in bed with our
kisses of care love touches of
yonder in the woods symphonic breezes leaves rustled lightly embracing the wind
burbles of cascading falls a life energy polka dance with zigzagging  rocks
into the night of deep shadows from glistening
when lonely crickets call for mating
  love and happiness
along the long winding walkway
along the lonely sunrise sunset country trail
down the gentle slope of  wildflowers
  way by the beach
along the tree lined city sidewalks...
  songbirds dish out liveliness
a vibrant euphony from the life merry
  makers in nature’s lush getup
buzzing   frolicking   gossamers
   trapeze–fly briskly lively
as rays of sunlight filter through the
  spectrum of colors
gentle fragrances a congregation of
  uninhabited playfulness
pure feeling of humanity engulfs you
you give back in kind a tune of kindness
the songs of our spirit from the heart
the silence of our soul the music of nature
  of life beating harmoniously
a synchronicity of continued aura
of magnanimity are shared in these
  moments of blissfulness
(c) NDR 06.14.2022
Photo:online Laguna Beach / Crystal Cove Trail, California
Video: Trail sounds YouTube 1 minute

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